Trust the Potter.

God is the potter, and we are the clay. God has got you engraved in the palms of his hands. His eye is still on you just as it has always been on the sparrow. You may be persecuted, abandoned, rejected, dejected, struck down, but one thing is sure.. You will not be destroyed. You will not be crushed. You will not be defeated. You are there in that wilderness, in that situation, or walking along that rough road for a reason. The Potter is about to remold you and make you better, bigger, smarter, wiser, and greater.

Just trust the potter. Put your trust in God!!

Blessings! Stay connected! God loves you more!!!

18 Replies to “Trust the Potter.”

  1. The processes are not easy and never will be, but the product when it it comes will never be second to any… Lord we pray in the name of your Son Jesus Christ, give us the grace and strength to go through the process and finish strong. Thank you dear, more wisdom and grace.

  2. I put my trust in God. And am happy He led me to your inspiring blog. May your day be blessed. And May our world be moulded by the Living, Peace-making hands of the Potter!

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