The number key to solving communication issues in marriages is to first have a proper understanding of what communication is all about. Communication is a skill that needs to be developed. As with any skill, some people seem to be able to master it quite easily while others have a harder time. Still, even if you belong to the latter group, it is possible for you to learn to convey your thoughts in a pleasant manner, to communicate effectively.
There are many couples that deep inside they yearn to express how they feel about each other. Others, though, decline to do so. Why? It may well be because it takes a measure of effort and skill for them to let others understand how they feel. The reason some families are torn apart and couples divorce each other is because such families/couples were not talking things out when faced with crises.
What about husband and wife that have tried to express their feelings but were unable to keep the conversation in a positive note. Instead of building a closer relationship they found themselves embroiled in repeated arguments.

At times, cultural pressures squeeze people into a certain mold when it comes to dealing with their partner.
Couples who are faced with a serious communication issues as a result cultural pressures should find ways to talk things over and not resort to giving each other the silent treatment. But if the issue is sensitive, it may not be easy to stay calm but they can agree with being disagreeable.

This is perhaps the most important key to solving communication issues in marriages. If you listen to God, you also listen to your partner. Every couple should always endeavour to have time with God. How? By reading the Word of God regularly with each other. Try to see how both can put into practice what they read. It is said that a family that prays together stays together. Likewise, couples that pray together and practice what God's Word says stays together. They are united and nothing can put them asunder. They communicate effectively and easily because through the enlightenment of God's word, they have a better understanding of the importance of communication. Communication involves more than just speaking. Two people might be talking to each other at length, but what if they fail to listen to each other? Likely, there would be no real communication. A major part of successful communication is the art of listening. โ€œWords are cheap but words can also be priceless. And while some might find it hard to express sentiment, the result can yield much more than money in the bank. โ€

Have you ever tried to open a door that has not been used for some time? Squeaking, the rusted hinges gradually give way. But what if the door had regularly been used and its hinges were well greased? It would have been easy to open. The same is true with the door of communication. If you make it a practice to communicate and lubricate the hinges of the door of communication with love, you can more easily communicate your thoughts even when you have serious disagreements. You have to begin somewhere. Although communicating may initially require much effort, work at it. Then you can eventually enjoy an easier relationship with your partner or family members, resulting in lasting understanding.

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