Is Your Appearance Reflecting Your Own Personality?

Have you ever admired the pleasing varieties of color in a field of spring flowers or marvel at the beautiful shades to be found among tropical fish? Seeing these things convinces us that God appreciates variety and beauty. He does not want everything to look dull, gray or monotonous. And how interesting it is to see the great variety of styles among people around the world! But have you stopped to think how much the way you look on the outside tells about what you are like on the inside?
When you were very small your clothing probably didn't tell much about the kind of person you were.

Your parents picked out your clothes for you. But as you grew older they allowed you to have more say about selecting your clothing, how you arranged your hair and such things. Now your own choice came into play. More and more your appearance came to reflect what you're like inside, your own personality. What do your clothes and appearance tell about you?

People who are very proud of themselves often show it by being extremely style-conscious. They always want to “outshine” everybody else with their clothes or looks. But pride or selfishness can also be revealed by being very sloppy. Why? Because while the sloppy person may be just lazy, he may also have a selfish “don't care” attitude as to the effect his appearance has on others. Between these two extremes is the person who doesn't think too much of himself and who cares about others. His appearance will show it by good taste and moderation.

Some persons feel they have to keep up with all the latest styles so as not to look old-fashioned. But in between being “ultra conservative” and very “mod” there is a middle ground. If you stay with that, then you will always be well-dressed and you won't be reacting to every single fashion change, like a puppet twitching each time a string is pulled.

Sloppiness may not seem to cost you much money but it can cost you a lot in other ways. It can cost you a job or cost you the respect of others. Even if a person's clothes aren't expensive, if he keeps them neat and clean, this shows he has self-respect. Other people respect him more and have more confidence in him.


People look at us more than we look at ourselves. So, then, we should try to give them something they will find pleasant to look at. Not something that makes them feel self-conscious because of their own appearance, but something that shows we care about their feelings. Let your appearance always reflect your personality, the real you!

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