How You Can Help Your Kidneys Keep You Healthy.

Hello, my besties! Howdy? Today, I want to share with us on the need to help our kidneys keep us healthy.

Our kidneys are the little organs that does amazing things in our body! Just as the earth needs protection from the constant bombardment of harmful rays from the sun, our body needs protection from the many toxic substances and waste released into our bloodstream, and the kidneys are the little organs that not only identifies, isolate, and remove harmful substances from our body, but also make sure that vital elements remain to feed and nourish our body.
Your kidneys are self-cleaning and self- maintaining, capable of operating for a long time. However, you have a part to play in helping them do their work. A great deal of water must pass through your kidneys for your body to remain healthy. Indeed, adequate water intake is considered a primary means of preventing kidney infections and the formation of kidney stones. Drinking water also aids your digestive and cardiovascular-vascular systems.

But, how much water? Many doctors recommend that in addition to taking in other foods and drinks, each person should drink at least two liters of water everyday. This is because most people are dehydrated. As long as your kidneys or your heart are not diseased, water is definitely good for you.

Some find water more palatable with a little flavor added, such as lemon. Others prefer the taste of spring water or water that has been filtered through activated charcoal. In any case, plain or very lightly flavored water is better for your kidneys than any other beverage. In fact, the sugar in fruit juices and sweetened drinks increases the body's need for water. Drinks containing alcohol or caffeine cause the body to lose water.

Getting into the habit of drinking two liters of water a day can surely be a challenge. For one thing, many people find it inconvenient or embarrassing to have to relieve themselves more often than usual. ๐Ÿ˜žBut your body will thank you for making the extra effort. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Besides helping to preserve your health, drinking sufficient water can even improve your appearance. Doctors point out that good nutrition and a high fluid intake are more effective at keeping your skin good-looking than any external skin preparation.

Unfortunately, our thirst mechanism is imperfect, and it becomes even less sensitive as we get older. Thus, we can it rely on thirst alone to tell us how much water we need. How can you then be sure to take in enough? Some start their day by drinking two glasses of water, and then at regular intervals, they drink another glass. Others keep a transparent container of water in view and within reach โ€” a reminder to take a sip periodically throughout the day.

Whatever method you use, drinking plenty of pure, clean water is a good way to show appreciation for your kidneys โ€” the marvelous filter that keeps you alive!

Thank you for reading.

How good are you in taking enough water everyday?

Do you prefer drinking juice or other beverage in place of water?

I would like to hear your thought and any other ways of keeping our kidneys healthy.

Love, xoxo!!

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    1. Yeah, a lot of people don’t really know the importance of water to their kidneys. Water is so essential in helping to get rid of harmful substances in our body. Thank you, Chiru.

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