Disagreeing without being disagreeable is easy and always expected in any relationship that desires to thrive. It is said that it takes two to tangle but can two walk together unless they agree?

Over the years, i have come to accept the fact that no one is perfect except the Supreme Being. And there’s nothing like perfect union or flawless relationship! No two individuals on earth are exactly the same. Each one is distinctly different. This also means that no two people will agree on everything. Most of the disagreements may be trivial, but some of them may be serious. There are relationships or even homes in which disagreements quickly give rise to shouting, pushing, hitting, and things being thrown; one partner or the other may leave for a period of days or weeks, or they may simply quit talking to each other. It is quite possible to disagree without having such a situation develop. How? By facing up to a certain basic truth. And what is that truth? Simply, it is that all of us are imperfect, all have flaws, and, despite the best of intentions, weaknesses manifest themselves.

In essence, since we accepts our own weaknesses and make excuse for them, we should also accept and excuse other people’s excesses. Make allowances for them and practice the “golden rule”. If we like to be thought of and treated as an individual, we should also learn to disagree without being disagreeable in our relationships with others!


  1. This is an ultimate message, and timely. God bless you Dear. More inspirations, you are really saving lives out there.
    Can I copyright you.

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