Cleanliness contributes to health and there is a saying that if you want to get the best out of your whole life, you cannot afford to neglect any part of your body. This is so true.  But, more importantly is the fact that there is a better, higher reason for wanting to give your body the best care you can. Because a house poorly cared for brings no credit to the architect or the builder. A house that is run-down, unclean or that gives off offensive odors adversely affects all the surrounding neighborhood. The same is true with anyone who fails to care properly for him/herself physically.

          Staying constantly clean is not just a matter of trying to avoid getting sick. Enjoying that feeling of well-being that contributes to happiness, to good work, to clear thinking, and that helps to make you an agreeable person to be around is also the value that comes with cleanliness. Just as we get far more enjoyment out of living in a clean house, so, too, we get more enjoyment out of life if we keep our bodies clean. 


Regular bathing is refreshing and healthful. Your body comes in constant contact with microscopic germs, in the air and in the things you handle. Some of these can bring disease. Soap acts as a germicide to kill these, while water serves to wash them away. Your hands especially need frequent attention, for they handle your food and with them you may touch other persons or handle things they use.

         You not only feel better when you keep yourself clean; you also make life more pleasant for those who see you or come near you. If you see a house that is dirty and unkempt, what opinion do you form of the people living in it? So, too, people tend to judge you by your appearance. Dirt on your face, in your ears, on your neck, in your hair, on your hands or under your fingernails can hinder you in gaining others’ friendship and esteem. Also, you will have more self-respect if you keep yourself clean. 

The body perspires, even when one does not do a lot of exercise or work. If perspiration accumulates, it can cause your body to have an unpleasant odor. Regular bathing, washing under the arms and similar places, helps to make you a more enjoyable person to be around. Cleanliness, along with good diet, also contributes toward a better, clearer complexion.


             The teeth are a particular area needing attention. Food particles may lodge between them or on them. The acids these particles give off attack the enamel of your teeth. After repeated attacks, sometimes within a matter of months, the hard enamel is penetrated and  sets in. Or you may develop an inflammation of the gums that can, in time, cause the teeth to loosen. You may  lose some of them. Decayed or missing teeth detract from your appearance. A clean mouth is also a safeguard against offensive breath. Drinking several glasses of water daily helps. Remember, your mouth is somewhat like the door or entrance of a house. If the appearance of the house and orders coming from the door are not good, people will tend to shy away.

In conclusion, while not going to extremes (as some persons do in this matter), God's Word also encourages and teaches cleanliness. Clean hands and freshly bathed bodies are often used to stand for one's being spiritually clean and pure. And in 2 Corinthians 7:1,  apostle Paul wrote: “Let us cleanse ourselves of every uncleanliness in our body and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.”                                   Are we clean inside, in our hearts and minds? Then should we not strive to be clean outside as well? Your health matters and your staying clean will contributes to your enjoying a healthy life!!

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