One of my dear friends lost his dad at a very tender age and having no one to look up to, he felt his world has finally crumbled and he will have to suffer for years. But in the midst of his fears and worries, God told him that he wants to be that Father that he thought he would never have again.  God reminded him that He is the Father to the fatherless and even though his earthly father is no more, God is the only Father that lives forever and can never die. And ever since he made God his Father, it has been success and great testimonies all the way!!

You see, you may have lost your dad or a loved one and you think your world has finally come to an end. Not to worry, there is a Father in heaven who will never leave nor forsake you. He watches over you day and night. He has you in his plans. He is a Father like no other. You can always trust Him with your secrets and pour out your heart to Him anytime. He is the only one that understands when you are misunderstood by others. He is a Father that will never abandon you in your worse moment and whenever you call on Him, you be assured He will always answer. He is simply indescribable!  In fact, i love the way He Father me! He will do for you over and over again what your earthly parents cannot do for you. God loves you so much to let you suffer. He loves you more than anyone else could. He is indeed a Father like no other!

I have a Father. He will never leave me nor forsake me. He is with me always. He loves me beyond all my failings and hurting. He corrects me in love. Great are His thought for me. Thank you Heavenly Father who always being there when no one else could. Thank you Lord for being such a sweet, caring, patience, and loving Father and thank you for the way for Father me in Jesus name amen.

Blessings!! 💕🌹

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  1. I have tasted it and I have found that God is indeed the Father to the fatherless. I love God so much. God bless you for this words dear.

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