9 Ways To Help Your Child Have Good Eating Habits.

One of your duty as a parent is to help your child have good eating habits. Every child needs protein-rich food to grow physically and mentally. Poor nutrition slows a child's mental development  in school, and the child may become apathetic and weary, unable to pay much attention or remember what is taught.   Although eating adequate amounts of proper food minimizes the danger of malnutrition, some people create problems for themselves by overeating. Excessive consumption of calories that exceeds the body's needs may lead to obesity, which is associated with diabetes and heart trouble.  Since neither medicine nor physical activity can take the place of proper eating habits, a good suggestion is to reduce the intake of fat, sweets, salt, and alcohol. Also, steps should be taken to minimize hunger, loneliness, depression, boredom, anger, and fatigue, each of which can set off a bout of overeating.

What if your children dislike certain foods, such as vegetables with a bitter taste? According to an experienced cook, parents should serve “ the whole range of vegetables available in their region. Since vegetables provide fiber and many of our vitamin needs and are inexpensive, parents should always have them available for their children. So why not learn new recipes that make good use of fresh vegetables and fruits, perhaps served in a delicious soufflé or stew?


In a nutshell, here are the 9 ways you can help your child have good eating habits:

1.  Set a good example.

2.  Do not allow children to eat only what they want.

3.   Avoid having junk food or sweets in the home.                                 

4.   Train children to appreciate different kinds of food.                         

5.    Have a fixed hour for meals, including breakfast.                               

6.     Do not permit TV advertising to influence what the children eat. 

7.     Do not let children help themselves from the refrigerator. 

 8.   Train children to help prepare the food.                                                       

 9.      Last but not the least, cultivate gratefulness for the daily provisions.


Finally, the key to good nutrition is a varied diet that includes every kind of nutrient. Believe me, it is always a joy to behold a well nourished child! Yet, a child is not healthy by accident. Simple but nourishing food should always be the number one priority in your family not only in terms of your financial budget but also in the time invested in preparing and enjoying it together. Help your child/children be sustained by wholesome food and not junk!


How do you choose your food? What factors influences the food you buy? Is it fancy packaging? Price? Ease of preparation? Or just the way the food looks and tastes? How is the eating habits of your child? Good? Or bad?


I'd love to hear your feedback! For more information, suggestion or question on how you can help your child have good eating habits, kindly contact me via email.

Thanks for reading.

Be inspired to stay healthy+well!!



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