Sleep is not just a period of rest as many know it to be. It is actually a complicated process of muscles tensing and relaxing, pulse and blood pressuring rising and falling and the mind churning out its own home movies. We can't do without sleep. Sleep is an absolute must. Sadly though, daily activities coupled with stress and tension of modern life is robbing many of the sleep their bodies need. What sleep is actually is or why we sleep is still a mystery to me. But I don't joke with bedtime!
Sleep has many functions but the most important of it is that sleep allows the nervous system to recuperate from its use during the day and lack of sleep can result in a nervous breakdown, loss of energy, make lengthy concentration difficult, difficulty in thinking, and even a period of hallucinations. Experiencing frustrations associated with lack of sleep? Interested in knowing how to get a sound, refreshing sleep? Here is what you can do:


1.  Maintain regular sleeping hours, as this will help the body acquire a constant sleep-wake rhythm.

2.  Avoid heavy exercise and large meals just before bedtime. If possible, eat your dinner as early as 6.pm and mainly light meal. Avoid caffeine before bedtime and do not use the bed for reading or watching TV.

3.  Get into the routine of winding down before you go to bed. Avoid doing things that may tend to get you wound up and wider awake. For instance, avoid exciting movies, TV programs, or reading material. Having stimulating discussions just before going to bed may also tend to keep you awake.

4.  For some, taking a warm (not hot) bath or reading light material that is not stimulating is helpful. So maybe sleep-inducing helps such as warm milk, buttermilk, a little wine, or herb teas of hops, mint, or chamomile, but not teas with caffeine.


5.  Sleep in secured, quiet, dark surroundings on a comfortable bed. Do not nap late in the day, even if you slept poorly the night before; try to stay awake and to go to bed at your usual time.

Finally, a sound, balanced life with regular exercise and that are free from the anxieties and frustrations caused by greed, jealousy, hostility, and ambition contributes to the ability to get a good night's sleep.
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Do you have any other tip for enjoying a sound sleep? Is this post helpful? I will be glad to hear from you.


  1. I do almost all the things that you mentioned not to do😊😊😊. I tried once to keep my phone away, and went to bed early. I shut my eyes tight, and was asking myself to sleep. I realized it’s not that easy. Maybe should try slowly incorporating some of your points in my life, one at a time. Great tips.

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