5 Helpful And Healthy Ways To Manage Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

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So today, I just want to write something on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome —one of the many strange illnesses that has added to the list of scourges afflicting human lives.  A disease that knows how to zap all energy leaving its victim helpless and frustrated. Imagine waking up one morning only to discover that you are incapacitated. You can no longer do for yourself the things you normally do. Even to stand up from the bed or walk a little distance becomes such a difficult task. Imagine having to depend solely on somebody else's help for everything. It is devastating! I know we all go through a lot of stress, weariness, depression, affliction, and unforeseen circumstances that end up robbing us of the rest and peace we deserve.

Despite the many progress medical science has made, it will take more than medical skill to cure all the sufferers. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is rarely if ever fatal and most times, the lack of love, understanding, care, and too much sympathy tend to prolong the illness. While most sufferers get better in time, others may not recover. CFS is known to be associated with a lot of factors — fatigue, depression, strained relationships between couples, employers, teachers, health professionals or insurance companies. Anyone can be a victim of CFS, and when it is not well managed can lead to something else. I have come to realize that meeting the challenge and managing CFS requires so much love, understanding, patience, empathy not sympathy, and a lot of rest. Being sympathetic is good but it isn't what majority of CFS sufferers need.  There are so many easy and simple ways of managing CFS for quick and proper recovery. If you are a CFS sufferer or you know anyone that needs help or ideas on coping with the illness,  here are some tips i believe are healthy and really helpful in managing CFS:

1. Rest Therapy — Rest is recognized as the best treatment to manage CFS. Be determined to always have enough rest.  Plan for coming events and prepare adequately by getting extra rest in advance but a careful balance must be struck so as not to suffer unduly afterward because of exertion.pexels-photo-371109.jpeg

2. Maintain a calm, mild spirit, since mental or emotional stress can precipitate a relapse just as easily as can excessive physical exertion.

3. Don't waste your energy defending yourself. Avoid trying to explain your condition to skeptics who don't understand. Because no matter how you explain it, they still won't understand. As a matter of fact, they might end up wounding your spirit with their insensitive words.

4. One devastating feature of CFS is that a person can feel as if there were no purpose in life. Therefore, find things that bring you joy and fulfillment. Learn to pace yourself. Know your limitations and work with this day by day, week by week, month by month.pexels-photo-339620.jpeg

5. Gentle exercises, such as walking or swimming in a warm pool, can be beneficial as long as they are not taken to the point of either physical or mental fatigue. Also vital is a healthy diet to help strengthen the immune system.pexels-photo-936611.jpeg

Finally, if you know anyone that is suffering from CFS, reach out to that person with love and empathy. Be patience with them. Pray for them and help them in any little way you can. Let them know that you truly understand what they are passing through.

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I hope this post was helpful?              Please if you know or have any other tips that can be beneficial in managing CFS, I will definitely love to hear about it!

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15 Replies to “5 Helpful And Healthy Ways To Manage Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).”

  1. I am a long time sufferer of CFS. At my worst I’ve slept in a haze of troubled dreams for 7 days 6 nights before it passed. I can honestly say there is nothing I could of eaten, drank, taken, done that would have helped me. I was simply unplugged from any engery source. I slurred my words, could not remember seeing speaking to anyone, I had light, noise aversions and my voice was croaky, my eyes watered uncontrollably and I was disoriented. 15 years later I’m still a sufferer however no where near as sever as the onset.

  2. I’ve been struggling with fatigue off and on ever since I had a year long spell of mono about 9 years ago. The past year and a half the fatigue has been constant along with pain. Doctors say it’s chronic fatigue, it’s hard to accept I have something that doesn’t have a ‘quick fix.’ These tips are perfect reminders to not overdue it and give myself grace🙌🏼

    1. I’m glad you found these tips helpful. I know a lot of sufferers that are really coping well with these tips. Just give yourself grace and take it one step at a time. Sending you hugsss and love, dear! 🌹💕

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