Trust the Potter.

God is the potter, and we are the clay. God has got you engraved in the palms of his hands. His eye is still on you just as it has always been on the sparrow. You may be persecuted, abandoned, rejected, dejected, struck down, but one thing is sure.. You will not be destroyed. You will not be crushed. You will not be defeated. You are there in that wilderness, in that situation, or walking along that rough road for a reason. The Potter is about to remold you and make you better, bigger, smarter, wiser, and greater.

Just trust the potter. Put your trust in God!!

Blessings! Stay connected! God loves you more!!!

How You Can Help Your Kidneys Keep You Healthy.

Hello, my besties! Howdy? Today, I want to share with us on the need to help our kidneys keep us healthy.

Our kidneys are the little organs that does amazing things in our body! Just as the earth needs protection from the constant bombardment of harmful rays from the sun, our body needs protection from the many toxic substances and waste released into our bloodstream, and the kidneys are the little organs that not only identifies, isolate, and remove harmful substances from our body, but also make sure that vital elements remain to feed and nourish our body. Continue reading "How You Can Help Your Kidneys Keep You Healthy."